Loyalty card conditions

Personal data submitted when applying for a loyalty card are protected. They are processed according to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act with the aim of gathering, analysing and summarising the data indicated in these terms and conditions, as well as to make offers to loyalty card holders and to hold prize draws for people who have made purchases using their loyalty cards. The data controller is Aldar Eesti OÜ, registry code 11710650.

The loyalty card is valid at CityAlko, SuperAlko (incl. SuperAlko Latvia), Aldar Market, Sadama Turg and Aldar Cash&Carry stores.

Conditions of issuing of loyalty card

1.1 To obtain an Aldar loyalty card (hereafter referred to as the loyalty card) submit an application at any CityAlko, SuperAlko (incl. SuperAlko Latvia) or Aldar Market store or at Sadama Turg.

1.2 The loyalty card is issued to the person who fills in the required fields on the loyalty card application form. The applicant confirms the correctness of the data submitted on the form.

1.3 An application may be rejected if the required fields on the form are not filled in.

1.4 To obtain the loyalty card, the applicant must pay the loyalty card fee. The loyalty card will then be issued to them as soon as the form has been properly filled in.

Conditions of use of loyalty card

2.1 The loyalty card is personal. It is forbidden to pass it on to another person for their use.

2.2 The loyalty card is not a payment card.

2.3 To obtain a discount, the loyalty card user must present their valid personal loyalty card to the cashier before making their purchase.

2.4 The discounts granted on purchases do not possess an equivalent monetary value and are not subject to exchange, refund, forwarding, gifting, selling, etc.

2.5 Information on discounts and offers obtainable with the loyalty card is available online at http://kaart.aldar.ee.

Other conditions

3.1 The loyalty card comes with no expiry date. Loyalty cards which have become unusable due to natural wear can be replaced free of charge. If you have lost your loyalty card, you can obtain a new one by paying the applicable fee (€1.60).

3.2 Aldar Eesti OÜ reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of the loyalty card by providing advance notice with a reasonable term online at http://kaart.aldar.ee.

3.3 The valid wording concerning the loyalty card and other information related to the loyalty card can be found online at http://kaart.aldar.ee. In the event of discrepancies between the text on paper and the text presented online, the text online shall prevail. If a client does not wish to continue using the loyalty card pursuant to the amended terms and conditions, they shall have the right to submit an application to withdraw from the loyalty card programme and to return the loyalty card to any CityAlko, SuperAlko (incl. SuperAlko Latvia) or Aldar Market store or to Sadama Turg and to have the card closed.

3.4 By submitting a loyalty card application, the user grants Aldar Eesti OÜ their consent for the processing of the personal data submitted. If the loyalty card user expresses in their application their wish to receive information on discounts and campaigns, they thereby grant their consent for the forwarding of their name and contact address to direct marketing service providers and mailing companies. Aldar Eesti OÜ has entered into contracts for the confidential use of forwarded information with the companies providing direct marketing and mailing services.

3.5 To stop using the loyalty card, the card holder shall submit a written application to Aldar Eesti OÜ, based on which the loyalty card shall be closed. When an application to stop using the loyalty card is submitted and a loyalty card is returned, Aldar Eesti OÜ and the data processors shall be obliged to immediately erase the loyalty card holder’s personal data and inform third parties to whom the loyalty card holder’s personal data have been forwarded of the erasure of the personal data.

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