Why buy an Aldar loyalty card?

Depending on your personal discount level, the Aldar loyalty card will save you 2-5% on all of your purchases (excl. tobacco products, periodicals, prepaid phone cards and offers in the client newsletter).

Twice a year, on 30 June and 30 December, your purchases over the previous six months are summed up and based on your purchase total you may be given a larger bonus percentage on future purchases. Once you reach a certain bonus level, you never lose it or fall back to a lower level, but you may obtain an even larger percentage in the future.

Purchase total bonus percentage

Up to €2500 = 2%

€2501-3500 = 3%

€3501-5000 = 4%

More than €5000 = 5%

In addition, you can participate in all of the campaigns and prize draws aimed at loyalty card holders.

How to use your Aldar loyalty card

Show your loyalty card to the cashier before making your purchase. Your card is personalised and meant to be used solely by the holder. To identify the cardholder, the cashier has the right to ask the person presenting the loyalty card to present ID.

Which stores accept the Aldar loyalty card?

The Aldar loyalty card is valid at CityAlko, SuperAlko (incl. SuperAlko Latvia), Aldar Market, Sadama Turg and Aldar Cash&Carry stores.

How much does the Aldar loyalty card cost?

The loyalty card costs €1.60.

How long is the Aldar loyalty card valid for?

The loyalty card comes with no expiry date.

How can I buy an Aldar loyalty card?

You can buy a loyalty card at any of our stores in Estonia or Latvia. Just fill in the application form and pay for the card at the store of your choice and you can start using it straight away. Loyalty cards are only issued to individuals, not companies.

Are the loyalty cards which have the previous design still valid?

Yes, our older loyalty cards are still valid.

What should I do if my loyalty card isn’t working?

Please e-mail info@aldar.ee or call +372 666 7365 (9:00-16:30 Monday-Friday).

What should I do if my loyalty card is lost or stolen?

Please inform us if your card is lost or stolen (or has become unusable) by e-mailing info@aldar.ee or calling +372 666 7365 (9:00-16:30 Monday-Friday). Loyalty cards which have become unusable due to natural wear can be replaced free of charge. If you have lost your loyalty card, you can obtain a new one by paying the applicable fee (€1.60).

What should I do if I find someone else’s loyalty card?

If you have found another person’s loyalty card, please inform us by e-mailing info@aldar.ee or calling +372 666 7365 (9:00-16:30 Monday-Friday) or by taking the card to your nearest Aldar store.

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